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Why are my youtube views not being counted?


I did a little research for someone this morning and it seems to be an all together common problem.

Here is a thread where someone from YouTube tries to explain the “problem”  or “bug” a wee bit.

There’s also an interesting reply found here:

Basically, it looks like somehow the number of views may get inflated and somewhere in their system, which I will assume is nowhere near simplistic, it begins calculating in a more refined way what is a view and what is not.

Say if you have a 3 minute video and someone glances at it for 10 seconds….. does that constitute a view or not?

I haven’t looked for information on YouTube’s counter freeze, but so far some of the information just seems a bit vague.

Here’s a page that “kind of” explains what constitutes a view.

That last article does also mention that they do identify irregular playbacks (spam) and that those numbers are removed from the count. What I suspect happens is that behind the scenes, the system subtracts those irregular playbacks but that it won’t subtract them from the visible counter on the video’s page.

That’s only what I suspect.

CBC Archives: Introducing the Macintosh, 1984


I had to post this. Been watching some of the CBC Archives on YouTube, I like spending time on YouTube occasionally.

Found this great video on the introduction of the Macintosh. A GUI computer!!

I remember doing all the text based commands to start up early generation computer games, word processing programs and all that. I had an old Tandy 1000 years back when I was a kid.

Here’s an introduction to the Macintosh, a GUI interface, a mouse…. easy as pie.



YouTube monetization goes up a notch


YouTube’s partner program starts to offer a new service to it’s partners. Partners will be able to charge rental fees for videos.

I’ve always thought YouTube is amazing. Endless videos and pretty much on any subject you can think of. I’ve spent countless hours searching for all kinds of stuff. From live music clips to “how to’s”… to old Muppet show clips. It’s certainly had an entertainment as well as educational value for me and my daughter (she loves those old Muppet show clips).

A great service like YouTube is a hit in part because it’s made streaming video accessible to anyone with an internet connection for free… and has also offered the ability to have anyone (well pretty much) submit their videos online… easily embed them into their own sites…. get discovered (Justin Beiber??)… and has allow thousands, maybe millions of us to waste a ton of time.

But a service like this that takes a huge amount of bandwidth and server space probably can’t continue totally free forever. Mind you, there will still be countless videos offered for free on YouTube. I think that “free” access is what makes so many online services so powerful and successful.

Monetizing certain videos might just work. I haven’t read much about this yet, but something like this could be quite beneficial to the small independent film makers as well as other more established studios.

Found a little info here on Mashable … enjoy!

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