While this isn’t the newest of news I think it’s certainly worth mentioning.

If you’re a Gmail or gTalk user you’ll be able to take advantage of free calls to the US and Canada. This has been the case previously but Google has announced that they’ll be extending the “free call” period for 2011. And just so you know, those are calls to land lines. So you can call whomever you wish.

I had previously used Yahoo’s calling features in their messenger and had purchased a block of credit (something like $20) which lasted forever since I was only being charged $0.01 per minute for US and Canadian calls.

But this Google offer, I love it. I’ll certainly be using it. However, I should note that I haven’t used it very much but have tested it. Since I always have my Gmail account open and I can fire it up through the browser, it just seems so much more convenient. I’d also think that any “lag” issues would likely match those I had found with Yahoo messenge, that being a slight delay.

First tests were quite successful.

Here’s a TechCrunch article on Gmail’s free US/Canadian calls for 2011.