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The new world of social media commenting


A website used to be a business card in the beginning… then you could find some web apps (especially e-com sites) that “did something”.

On today’s internet social media has taken off. Most sites that offer up content in one form or another (like sports commentary, news sites, blogs, etc…) tend to want your participation. It’s in the interest of most site owners to somehow spark a conversation on a news article in order to keep you coming back.

I personally find some of the conversations on tech and sports blogs/sites to be quite engaging.

However, I’ve become a bit annoyed at some of these sites. Primary reason? Because they still require me to “sign up” to their site in order to comment.

Twitter's #FailWhale

Twitter is over capacity


That’s the error message I get EVERY time I log into one of my accounts. This isn’t my @cfyves account which I use to talk a little tech on occasion.

What is a little weird is that it seems to be my main feed. For instance, I can use HootSuite or something similar on a mobile device and my lists or subscribed lists come in fine. But my main feed always gives an error.

Using the Twitter website, I’m always seeing the dandy #FailWhale.

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