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Useful Android App – SMS Backup +


I used to have an iPhone3G and had down graded to a cheap pay as you go phone for some time. I just wanted a simpler cheaper phone for texting and calling.

Last summer I decided to get a new smartphone… so I ended up with an HTC Incredible S.

I haven’t completely loaded the phone with apps. I do have certain apps that I use on a regular basis… like the DropBox app, a couple of sports news apps… Hootsuite and Flickr.

One nice little app I found is SMS Backup +

Basically, you can sync this app to backup your text messages to your GMail account. It also creates a label to put this mail in to keep it organised.

This is great if you want to archive messages and also keep your phone a bit cleaner.


WordPress Mobile App



Seems like Smart Phones and mobile apps have changed everything.

I pretty much do everything on my smart phone now. Email, banking, Twitter… I don’t do much YouTube unless I’m at home on my network… 🙂

I’ve recently discovered WordPress’s Android App and figured I should really try it out.

So as I sit watching my daughter’s soccer practice in a grassy field, I can now write a short blog article on my HTC Incredible S.

This might come in handy when I’m on the road.

What will come about next??? Who knows.

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