Last spring I bought Object-Oriented programming in ColdFusion (written by Matt Gifford and published by Packt Publishing) to brush up and also learn more about OO techniques using the ColdFusion language.

I have to say that I loved the book. I read it in a short time. I know I’m quite late to write about it but I thought I should because my experience with it was very positive.

Basically I thought it was very easy to read, clear, to the point and easy follow with practical code examples. For me reading about beans helped me as I had never typically used beans before. But the chapter that really got me thinking in a different way was the chapter on the Service Layer.

This might be elementary for some of you reading this, but in my web application development background, for many of the projects I would be involved in, there was never such a breakdown and encapsulation of functionality that would have me thinking of a Service layer. In the old days everything seemed to be strictly procedural.

I began to see more examples and more reason why my code could be easier to maintain.

I would suggest this book as a great read for anyone interested in exploring Object-Oriented programming in ColdFusion.