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How the Net Neutrality ruling could look


So, you use the internet. On your PC/Laptop? Maybe on your phone or tablet?

Think about the things you do on these devices… Twitter? Facebook?

You may be a Netflix subscriber… Maybe you do research.. heck maybe you do business online.

Well, the wonderful thing about the internet is you can find stuff… you can find information, you can find entertainment…. it’s always been wide open for the most part.

This “Net Neutrality” ruling, a fight over net neutrality has been raging for quite a while now, could change this.

The internet is made up of several ISPs (Internet Service Providers)… like Verizon, Bell…etc. Basically, what some of this is about is giving the ISPs some clout, to be able to dictate what goes through their networks… maybe charge you a little more for more access. Like think of dividing up the Internet like a pie…. maybe you’ll have to pay more to access a different slice that they don’t offer (anymore)…

Maybe they will limit your usage on services like Netflix or other streaming services. Here’s an article on Netflix’s recent reaction to the ruling.

Obviously, if you’re an online business, this may limit your potential clientèle and also limit your earning power without paying more. (If paying more is the answer)

So even for huge online businesses like Netflix, Google and many others, this goes directly in the face of their business model. And also flies directly in the face of why the internet has been so valuable and has grown leaps and bounds.

Imagine an ISP who would, as they could, limit usage to Netflix, and then promote their own version of the service. Essentially, if you ever had a business idea of the “open internet” model, your ideas could be halted and dead in the water.

This could and likely would stifle innovation as “access” would be in the control of businesses who had interest in what you can/can’t access.

Also, imagine an ISP filtering off sites as they wish. Bad reviews of their service? Well, maybe you can’t find them on their networks.

Seriously, the internet’s value is in it’s openness.

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I was just reading a petition on the “Net metering” issue that’s come about again. It’s certainly not the first time and likely won’t be the last, if mega corps are given the green light to meter and tier prices. Even the possibility to “tiering” the internet so that you may have to pay more to access other networks.

(Canadian petition can be found here)

To me it seems that the approach would almost undermine itself.

While I tend to understand some ISPs arguments that as more media passes through their pipes, thus possibly increasing the need to upgrade systems. I can’t seem to think this would trump the point of the very offering.

The thing that makes the internet so useful… and maybe truly useful at all is the fact that it’s open. You can access all types of information, see educational videos, entertaining videos, videos that will just waste your time! Heck… you even have blogs like this one to waste your time with!!! 😉

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