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Currently playing with Pixlr API


Building an interface which will be used to allow for image manipulation and there are several great looking products out there.

Pixlr is one such service. It seems very advanced and feature rich. I’ve been playing with it’s API a little bit, just started actually, and am going to create a little model for this project.

I hadn’t looked at online image editing solutions for some time and I’m impressed with what I’ve found.

Pixlr FAQ

Internet, ISPs, profits and usefullness


I was just reading a petition on the “Net metering” issue that’s come about again. It’s certainly not the first time and likely won’t be the last, if mega corps are given the green light to meter and tier prices. Even the possibility to “tiering” the internet so that you may have to pay more to access other networks.

(Canadian petition can be found here)

To me it seems that the approach would almost undermine itself.

While I tend to understand some ISPs arguments that as more media passes through their pipes, thus possibly increasing the need to upgrade systems. I can’t seem to think this would trump the point of the very offering.

The thing that makes the internet so useful… and maybe truly useful at all is the fact that it’s open. You can access all types of information, see educational videos, entertaining videos, videos that will just waste your time! Heck… you even have blogs like this one to waste your time with!!! 😉

New innovation on the horizon with Google WebP?


Google has certainly come out with lots of technology that has changed “the game” when it comes to technology. I remember when I first started using GMail way back. They were offering a ton more storage then the 20MB or so that Hotmail once offered… and the 100 MB Yahoo once offered.

Google Apps, Android… they’re purchase and support of YouTube (with the prior Google Video) you name it… They’ve been working hard to push innovation.

Lately, there’s some talk about a new image format that is about equivalent to the JPEG format but is about 40% smaller then JPEG files.

This is huge.


YouTube monetization goes up a notch


YouTube’s partner program starts to offer a new service to it’s partners. Partners will be able to charge rental fees for videos.

I’ve always thought YouTube is amazing. Endless videos and pretty much on any subject you can think of. I’ve spent countless hours searching for all kinds of stuff. From live music clips to “how to’s”… to old Muppet show clips. It’s certainly had an entertainment as well as educational value for me and my daughter (she loves those old Muppet show clips).

A great service like YouTube is a hit in part because it’s made streaming video accessible to anyone with an internet connection for free… and has also offered the ability to have anyone (well pretty much) submit their videos online… easily embed them into their own sites…. get discovered (Justin Beiber??)… and has allow thousands, maybe millions of us to waste a ton of time.

But a service like this that takes a huge amount of bandwidth and server space probably can’t continue totally free forever. Mind you, there will still be countless videos offered for free on YouTube. I think that “free” access is what makes so many online services so powerful and successful.

Monetizing certain videos might just work. I haven’t read much about this yet, but something like this could be quite beneficial to the small independent film makers as well as other more established studios.

Found a little info here on Mashable … enjoy!

Adding a favicon to your site


This might seem funny, as I’ve been working with web technologies for about 9 years or so.

But today I think I got one of my first requests to set up a favicon onto a URL.

I gotta say that the entire time I’ve been working in technology, I’ve learned many things on the fly and I’ve gotten quite used to it. While something might take a while to learn depending on what it is (like say Java or C# or something), when it comes to small things we’ve got incredible resources.

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