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Google extends free calls to US and Canada


While this isn’t the newest of news I think it’s certainly worth mentioning.

If you’re a Gmail or gTalk user you’ll be able to take advantage of free calls to the US and Canada. This has been the case previously but Google has announced that they’ll be extending the “free call” period for 2011. And just so you know, those are calls to land lines. So you can call whomever you wish.

I had previously used Yahoo’s calling features in their messenger and had purchased a block of credit (something like $20) which lasted forever since I was only being charged $0.01 per minute for US and Canadian calls.

But this Google offer, I love it. I’ll certainly be using it. However, I should note that I haven’t used it very much but have tested it. Since I always have my Gmail account open and I can fire it up through the browser, it just seems so much more convenient. I’d also think that any “lag” issues would likely match those I had found with Yahoo messenge, that being a slight delay.

First tests were quite successful.

Here’s a TechCrunch article on Gmail’s free US/Canadian calls for 2011.

New innovation on the horizon with Google WebP?


Google has certainly come out with lots of technology that has changed “the game” when it comes to technology. I remember when I first started using GMail way back. They were offering a ton more storage then the 20MB or so that Hotmail once offered… and the 100 MB Yahoo once offered.

Google Apps, Android… they’re purchase and support of YouTube (with the prior Google Video) you name it… They’ve been working hard to push innovation.

Lately, there’s some talk about a new image format that is about equivalent to the JPEG format but is about 40% smaller then JPEG files.

This is huge.


How to study for Google Adwords Certification


I just recently started looking into some various certifications. The Google AdWords Certification is one that I was asked to take and I’ve been gearing up for it.

I’m quite familiar with Adsense, having used it for quite some time and also reading up on ad networks over the years. (If anyone is wondering, no, I’ve not made very much of anything off of Adsense ads yet…. it began and continues as an experiment for me)

Last year I also started a Google AdWords campaign as another experiment. It was a great little exercise to try and analyze the keywords and watch the data come in on impressions and what sites my ads were being shown on. I was a little surprised to see that some of my ads actually showed up on a few websites that I frequently read.

Now AdWords is something that I will be using on a more regular basis as a bit more of a skill and less as an “experiment”.

At first I had no idea where to look for the material but soon after discovered the Guides that Google has online.

If anyone wants to study for this exam, just  follow the link for the Google AdWords Certification Program Learning Center .

A bit of stuff to read. I’m not through yet but I’m getting there.

For the certification, one must pass the fundamental exam plus one of the other 3 exams.

YouTube monetization goes up a notch


YouTube’s partner program starts to offer a new service to it’s partners. Partners will be able to charge rental fees for videos.

I’ve always thought YouTube is amazing. Endless videos and pretty much on any subject you can think of. I’ve spent countless hours searching for all kinds of stuff. From live music clips to “how to’s”… to old Muppet show clips. It’s certainly had an entertainment as well as educational value for me and my daughter (she loves those old Muppet show clips).

A great service like YouTube is a hit in part because it’s made streaming video accessible to anyone with an internet connection for free… and has also offered the ability to have anyone (well pretty much) submit their videos online… easily embed them into their own sites…. get discovered (Justin Beiber??)… and has allow thousands, maybe millions of us to waste a ton of time.

But a service like this that takes a huge amount of bandwidth and server space probably can’t continue totally free forever. Mind you, there will still be countless videos offered for free on YouTube. I think that “free” access is what makes so many online services so powerful and successful.

Monetizing certain videos might just work. I haven’t read much about this yet, but something like this could be quite beneficial to the small¬†independent film makers as well as other more established studios.

Found a little info here on Mashable … enjoy!

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