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Dying Brands – Blackberry?


Blackberry’s sales and popularity has been in decline for sometime. Well, in markets here in North America and Europe… but in some other countries they are still strong.

But, one has to wonder in this age of mobile apps and fast moving technological advance. Once the ball has started rolling backwards, just how far can it roll before you can make a comeback?

It’s a shame, they seemed to have a dominance just a short time ago and decent products. But, as the months rolled on other mobile providers haven’t only caught up but far surpassed RIM‘s Blackberry in terms of apps, marketing….etc.

Seems as though they will be taking another hit as Google has announced that they will no longer be supporting the Gmail Blackberry app.

How much sliding downhill can a large IT/Mobile Tech business take before mounting a comeback?

Microsoft takes direct swing at Google and Gmail with “Gmail Man” video


Saw this new ad this morning, where essentially Microsoft desires to help make the case for their Office 365 products by poking fun at their big competition.

Something that strikes me with this kind of advertising though, it resembles those political ads that I really dislike. You know, where one candidate really says nothing about he or she’s platform but instead tries to leave an impression in your mind that the opponent is either wicked, cruel, evil, idiotic….etc.

I’m wondering what, if any, will be Google’s response.

If you haven’t seen it. Here it is….

“Gmail Man”

Gmail automatically gives a second address


I seem to remember hearing about this but I just found it again this evening.

I use a account alot. I have multiple accounts forwarded into it and frankly, I’ve been using this account for a long time. And I love it.

I just found a scenario where I had my main email tied to an account (unrelated to google.. something else) I had created for a past client. I was trying to create a personal account and it was telling me the email was already used in the system.

Well, after thinking about how to create an alias or foward… I found out that gmail automatically has an “alias” account setup. Change for…. and voila.

2 email accounts that are one. This can be handy.

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