I’m very thankful for the internet. Actually, if it weren’t for the very existence of the internet… I suppose I wouldn’t encounter half the challenges and problems that I do…. in code of course.

I come from a Web development background and for the better part of the last 9 years I’ve spent countless hours reading through ColdFusion code (mostly). In 2010 so far, almost every job I’ve done has involved PHP in some form or another. If it was adding a feature to a previously coded site.. or building a site from scratch (it was direct requirements!)…. this year it’s been PHP.

I’ve been learning in 2010. On many levels actually.

So here I am reading through drupal code, learning how things are organized and where methods are calling other methods… still getting familiar with reading the code. I programmed a plugin for a Drupal module and everything was going well. Then after adding some processing to a form with file upload I had a problem. After submitting the form, it was a blank screen.