Last few years I started hearing more and more about the effects of long term cell phone use. I remember being a bit surprised hearing about Cell phones being banned (or a movement to ban them) in some places for kids under a certain age. I remember reading 14 as an age limit. I certainly took a mental note.

I was surprised but at the same time, I think it’s quite reflective of what we (humans) tend to do with many “new” discoveries and technologies. We end up adopting measures or lifestyles, medications or methods without truly understand what it’s long term effect can be.

At the same time when something new comes along, how do you measure it’s long term effect?

There are no tests no known experiment to test or calculate something that has previously not existed.

The best method seems to be caution and balance.

But really, being cautious and balanced in respects to technology is somewhat becoming the opposite of where the global society is headed. I’m sure many would say it is the opposite.

Once thing that has been reported is that the use of a headset would reduce the risks by much. One thing is for certain, if you use a mobile phone on a regular basis it’s up to you to decide how you use it and what you do about the increasing amount of data on the possible harm that you’re being exposed to.

Recently, there have been many media outlets and sites reporting on the health issues which pertain to cell phone use. Here are a few:

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