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Blog comment spam – Internet annoyance


Something that I’ve noticed over these last 5 or 6 years since I started blogging as a hobby is that the rise of “spam bots” submitting comments to blogs is just a continual annoyance. Not that many have ever made it through filtering and/or manual checking.

But it’s almost as constant as the air itself.

In a short time I amassed some 177 spam comments on 1 blog and 78 on another. I tend to have my filters set so that I review them just in case something legit gets caught in the cross fire. Thankfully you can usually tell by looking through the list rather quickly which are “crap” and which are real. Usually, of course, the spam filters rarely make a mistake and most that are held in question are rightfully labelled as “crap”.

But I wonder sometimes if any of the creators of these spam bots have ever profited from this continual gibberish. I mean, I know most of them, nowadays, include hyperlinks so as to attempt and increase their SEO value. But search engines have been continually getting updated through the years to become more intelligent so as not to rank gibberish sites in real search results.

I remember a time, when searching for a technical problem, I had come across many search results that led me to crap-spam-gibberish sites instead of the valuable information I was looking for.

But it’s been quite a while since that has happened. Bravo to Google for their continual improvement on search results to block out that garbage.

That’s my rant for this morning.


WordPress Mobile App



Seems like Smart Phones and mobile apps have changed everything.

I pretty much do everything on my smart phone now. Email, banking, Twitter… I don’t do much YouTube unless I’m at home on my network… 🙂

I’ve recently discovered WordPress’s Android App and figured I should really try it out.

So as I sit watching my daughter’s soccer practice in a grassy field, I can now write a short blog article on my HTC Incredible S.

This might come in handy when I’m on the road.

What will come about next??? Who knows.

Welcome to the new blog


Over the last several years, I’ve run 2 different blog programs. BlogCFM and BlogCFC.

I wrote articles on anything that would come to mind on this domain… technology, sports… various ramblings… whatever.

In the last year, I started a couple of other blogs that were much more targeted to some of my interests. One such blog is where I write about my favorite hockey team…. another one that I started and admittedly haven’t written enough… is a blog on drumming.

I’ve spent the last 9 years working in technology. Working as a web application developer using primarily ColdFusion along side MySQL and/or MS SQL server.

I’ve also spent alot of time working with other technologies… Linux servers, Windows servers… PCs, Macs, Linux desktops….

So I thought I’d kick start this blog again and write stuff that has to do with my day to day activities.

Lately, I’ve been working with PHP quite a bit on a couple of projects. Some of the things I may write about are (simple) things that I learn using different technologies….. Lord knows what I’ll come up with. But it be related to what I work with or have interest in…. in technology.

So if you’ve stumbled onto to this brand new blog…. WELCOME!

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