I just recently started looking into some various certifications. The Google AdWords Certification is one that I was asked to take and I’ve been gearing up for it.

I’m quite familiar with Adsense, having used it for quite some time and also reading up on ad networks over the years. (If anyone is wondering, no, I’ve not made very much of anything off of Adsense ads yet…. it began and continues as an experiment for me)

Last year I also started a Google AdWords campaign as another experiment. It was a great little exercise to try and analyze the keywords and watch the data come in on impressions and what sites my ads were being shown on. I was a little surprised to see that some of my ads actually showed up on a few websites that I frequently read.

Now AdWords is something that I will be using on a more regular basis as a bit more of a skill and less as an “experiment”.

At first I had no idea where to look for the material but soon after discovered the Guides that Google has online.

If anyone wants to study for this exam, justĀ  follow the link for the Google AdWords Certification Program Learning Center .

A bit of stuff to read. I’m not through yet but I’m getting there.

For the certification, one must pass the fundamental exam plus one of the other 3 exams.