New job on the horizon, back to coding and hands on tech stuff


As I’ve been working as a self-employed small contractor for 4 years out of the last 6, I can say that I’ve learned alot.

I’ve learned alot about business. I’ve learned alot about money… I’ve learned alot about ColdFusion, PHP, ColdBox, Model-Glue, Kohana, WordPress, Drupal…. servers….. contracts….. etc… etc.. etc….

Most importantly though, I’ve learned alot about myself.

Through these years I’ve also gone through several changes in my life. Some changes directly impacted by work and some directly impacting my work.

I’ve got a wonderful little girl that gets me to think about just how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful little person in my life. Not only is it my responsibility to be an example for her and to teach her… but she also teaches me quite frequently.

I had taken a 14 week contract with a local company earlier in the year, back in mid-may.

Today I received a formal job offer by a company that I’m quite familiar with. I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to become part of this small business in an attempt to help them grow while I focus my time doing the things that I feel much more passionate about. That being getting my eyes back in code, the odd server and other technology related work.

I’ve learned this about myself….. that while I do love learning new coding skills, tech skills…. when coupled administration, marketing, sales…. contract negotiation…. contract drafting….. being a 1 man show burns me out. In fact, after these years of trying on my own…. being totally on my own…. it tires me just to think about it.

So with that, I look forward to putting my efforts back into the technology and less in all the other administrative tasks. I believe I’ve learned that this is where I belong!

Very long list of PHP frameworks


Here’s a quick little rant before I post the link to the long list of frameworks…

Just a few months ago I was looking at frameworks. I had thrown myself in the fire of a PHP project and it’s really something that I’d never done from start to finish.

I thought using a framework would help me out a bit since this was to be my first “start to finish” PHP app. After looking at a few frameworks on really stuck out to me.

I’d been a bit familiar with MVC type frameworks from using Model-Glue in ColdFusion development and after using it in a couple of different projects I generally liked using an MVC framework.

So today, I’m just reading through me RSS reader and I found this blog post which was linked… this is a list of 79 PHP frameworks. I certainly would not have looked at all the options on that list….. and I still wouldn’t consider going through so many.

To link that long list with the few paragraphs above…. for that PHP project that I mention… well I had settled on number 7 on that list. Kohana.

Finally, click here to see the list of 79 PHP frameworks.

Topsy – new social media search engine


I’m not sure just how long Topsy has been out there, but I just found it today and thought it was pretty cool.

I found it because of a track back I got on an article I wrote on another blog. I looked up what it was about and started playing around.

Topsy is a new search engine that is really heavy on social media. What people are writing about on their blogs, what they’re tweeting about on Twitter….etc.

Looks like a handy tool research tool for anyone wanting to dig into what’s being said about a topic.

Very cool.

Check it out.

YouTube monetization goes up a notch


YouTube’s partner program starts to offer a new service to it’s partners. Partners will be able to charge rental fees for videos.

I’ve always thought YouTube is amazing. Endless videos and pretty much on any subject you can think of. I’ve spent countless hours searching for all kinds of stuff. From live music clips to “how to’s”… to old Muppet show clips. It’s certainly had an entertainment as well as educational value for me and my daughter (she loves those old Muppet show clips).

A great service like YouTube is a hit in part because it’s made streaming video accessible to anyone with an internet connection for free… and has also offered the ability to have anyone (well pretty much) submit their videos online… easily embed them into their own sites…. get discovered (Justin Beiber??)… and has allow thousands, maybe millions of us to waste a ton of time.

But a service like this that takes a huge amount of bandwidth and server space probably can’t continue totally free forever. Mind you, there will still be countless videos offered for free on YouTube. I think that “free” access is what makes so many online services so powerful and successful.

Monetizing certain videos might just work. I haven’t read much about this yet, but something like this could be quite beneficial to the small¬†independent film makers as well as other more established studios.

Found a little info here on Mashable … enjoy!

Finding some help debugging Drupal (and PHP)


I’m very thankful for the internet. Actually, if it weren’t for the very existence of the internet… I suppose I wouldn’t encounter half the challenges and problems that I do…. in code of course.

I come from a Web development background and for the better part of the last 9 years I’ve spent countless hours reading through ColdFusion code (mostly). In 2010 so far, almost every job I’ve done has involved PHP in some form or another. If it was adding a feature to a previously coded site.. or building a site from scratch (it was direct requirements!)…. this year it’s been PHP.

I’ve been learning in 2010. On many levels actually.

So here I am reading through drupal code, learning how things are organized and where methods are calling other methods… still getting familiar with reading the code. I programmed a plugin for a Drupal module and everything was going well. Then after adding some processing to a form with file upload I had a problem. After submitting the form, it was a blank screen.

Open BlueDragon on Google Apps Engine – Interesting


Google’s App Engine is something I’ve been wanting to explore for some time and due to generally being busy with other things I’ve never gotten around to it.

Actually, I very very briefly played around with examples very early on but never really tried to develop or actually run anything on Google App Engine.

But in the last year or 2 (time flies!!), since the App Engine began supporting Java possibilities opened up naturally some people in the CF community started exploring the idea of running a CFML engine on GAE.

Adding a favicon to your site


This might seem funny, as I’ve been working with web technologies for about 9 years or so.

But today I think I got one of my first requests to set up a favicon onto a URL.

I gotta say that the entire time I’ve been working in technology, I’ve learned many things on the fly and I’ve gotten quite used to it. While something might take a while to learn depending on what it is (like say Java or C# or something), when it comes to small things we’ve got incredible resources.

Kohana 404 errors


I was putting a site on a production server today and found some very strange errors. At least, I thought they were a bit strange.

The Server is Windows 2003 and IIS6. This is a leased server… leased by a small business I sometimes do work for.

In the development environment I had running, it was a XAMPP set up that used Apache. I knew there could be some slight differences. But MySQL and PHP were very similar releases.

Developing new skills


At the end of 2009 I really wasn’t sure what direction I was going in anymore.

Being primarily self-employed for the previous year and a half and a total of 4 years of the last 6 I was feeling burnt out.

I had begun to consider looking for full time employment but had found that the opportunities were few and far between for “the job” that I would have liked to land.

You see, for the last 9 years I’ve worked primarily with ColdFusion. Working with ColdFusion has always been a joy and it continues to be my first love.

But unfortunately the job opportunities weren’t plentyful.

So what does a guy do??

Welcome to the new blog


Over the last several years, I’ve run 2 different blog programs. BlogCFM and BlogCFC.

I wrote articles on anything that would come to mind on this domain… technology, sports… various ramblings… whatever.

In the last year, I started a couple of other blogs that were much more targeted to some of my interests. One such blog is where I write about my favorite hockey team…. another one that I started and admittedly haven’t written enough… is a blog on drumming.

I’ve spent the last 9 years working in technology. Working as a web application developer using primarily ColdFusion along side MySQL and/or MS SQL server.

I’ve also spent alot of time working with other technologies… Linux servers, Windows servers… PCs, Macs, Linux desktops….

So I thought I’d kick start this blog again and write stuff that has to do with my day to day activities.

Lately, I’ve been working with PHP quite a bit on a couple of projects. Some of the things I may write about are (simple) things that I learn using different technologies….. Lord knows what I’ll come up with. But it be related to what I work with or have interest in…. in technology.

So if you’ve stumbled onto to this brand new blog…. WELCOME!

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