Twitter's #FailWhale

Twitter is over capacity


That’s the error message I get EVERY time I log into one of my accounts. This isn’t my @cfyves account which I use to talk a little tech on occasion.

What is a little weird is that it seems to be my main feed. For instance, I can use HootSuite or something similar on a mobile device and my lists or subscribed lists come in fine. But my main feed always gives an error.

Using the Twitter website, I’m always seeing the dandy #FailWhale.

Configuring Routes in Kohana


At first when I looked into using Kohana I was quite happy and comfortable to use it. As a matter of fact, I still am.

Routing was one thing that I had some trouble with.

Now I don’t know if it was because when I read through some of the articles online and/or forum posts that my mind was hazy with coffee… could be.

Recently I was once again into some code that had been worked on for a project using Kohana v3. And at once the issue of routes had come to mind….. I had always thought about making some kind of “catch all” to avoid errors and such for missing controllers…etc.

But while reading a bit (with a fresh cup of coffee I might add) it just struck me in a different way. I don’t know why I didn’t seem to understand it before…. but I now understood that I could set up various  routes allowing access to controllers and also using a “catch all” of sorts. And the way Kohana uses it’s modules, I could create an init.php file inside  each module directory to define the routes instead of messing with the bootstrap.php file.

Role Scoper – A handy WordPress plugin


Recently I’ve had my nose in WordPress alot. Kind of gotten to be quite fond of it actually.

Was putting a site together that required something a little more special then your usual blog. This was to become more of a CMS then a blog.

Pages, sub pages, blog section, news section….etc.

Multiple user accounts that needed to access only certain pages and sub pages…. and also some users that would post news, some to blog categories and/or blog sub categories.

Facebook "Like Box" options

Manually tweeking your Facebook Like Box


This evening I had a particular little bug come up with the normally simple task of creating and embedding a “Facebook Like Box” and thought I’d jot down a few words on it.

I was using Facebook’s options to customize a “Like Box” for a Facebook Page that I was then going to embed into a new website. All was well, I’d change the options and the preview would change accordingly.

New innovation on the horizon with Google WebP?


Google has certainly come out with lots of technology that has changed “the game” when it comes to technology. I remember when I first started using GMail way back. They were offering a ton more storage then the 20MB or so that Hotmail once offered… and the 100 MB Yahoo once offered.

Google Apps, Android… they’re purchase and support of YouTube (with the prior Google Video) you name it… They’ve been working hard to push innovation.

Lately, there’s some talk about a new image format that is about equivalent to the JPEG format but is about 40% smaller then JPEG files.

This is huge.


How to study for Google Adwords Certification


I just recently started looking into some various certifications. The Google AdWords Certification is one that I was asked to take and I’ve been gearing up for it.

I’m quite familiar with Adsense, having used it for quite some time and also reading up on ad networks over the years. (If anyone is wondering, no, I’ve not made very much of anything off of Adsense ads yet…. it began and continues as an experiment for me)

Last year I also started a Google AdWords campaign as another experiment. It was a great little exercise to try and analyze the keywords and watch the data come in on impressions and what sites my ads were being shown on. I was a little surprised to see that some of my ads actually showed up on a few websites that I frequently read.

Now AdWords is something that I will be using on a more regular basis as a bit more of a skill and less as an “experiment”.

At first I had no idea where to look for the material but soon after discovered the Guides that Google has online.

If anyone wants to study for this exam, just  follow the link for the Google AdWords Certification Program Learning Center .

A bit of stuff to read. I’m not through yet but I’m getting there.

For the certification, one must pass the fundamental exam plus one of the other 3 exams.

Why are my youtube views not being counted?


I did a little research for someone this morning and it seems to be an all together common problem.

Here is a thread where someone from YouTube tries to explain the “problem”  or “bug” a wee bit.

There’s also an interesting reply found here:

Basically, it looks like somehow the number of views may get inflated and somewhere in their system, which I will assume is nowhere near simplistic, it begins calculating in a more refined way what is a view and what is not.

Say if you have a 3 minute video and someone glances at it for 10 seconds….. does that constitute a view or not?

I haven’t looked for information on YouTube’s counter freeze, but so far some of the information just seems a bit vague.

Here’s a page that “kind of” explains what constitutes a view.

That last article does also mention that they do identify irregular playbacks (spam) and that those numbers are removed from the count. What I suspect happens is that behind the scenes, the system subtracts those irregular playbacks but that it won’t subtract them from the visible counter on the video’s page.

That’s only what I suspect.

How to capture a screen shot in Mac OSx


In the spirit of my last blog post… I’m writing this one too, in part, because I simply don’t use the shortcuts often enough to actually remember them.

I’m not going to list all the commands here, I’ll list those I use the most.

1. How do you capture the entire screen?
Just press the Command + Shift + 3. A .png image will automatically be saved to your desktop. Nice and handy.

2. How do you capture a portion of the screen?
Again, simple…. press Command + Shift + 4. You’ll now be able to select a section of the screen with the mouse. And just like the first, a .png image will be saved to your desktop.

There are some more variations to screen shots and the Mac here.

Reloading your Mac’s hosts file


This is something that I need to do from time to time. And I thought I would post it here so it would be a bit easier for me to remember the command…. since I don’t do it everyday, I always tend to look up syntax.

I often move sites from a server to another or need to have something running on an internal network and using the hosts file is a great little tool for me to run tests.

So to refresh your Mac’s hosts file, you would do something like this:
sudo niload -v -m hosts . < /etc/hosts

The command prompt may very well prompt you for password (just so you know).

I’ll also credit a website that I’ve stumbled on a couple of times when I’ve looked up the command’s syntax…

Holy Shmoly! – how to update /etc/hosts

– EDIT –

Should also note that this applies to older versions of Mac OS X, like Tiger (10.4).

On more recent versions, you only need to edit the host file. Make sure you clear your browser’s cache!

CBC Archives: Introducing the Macintosh, 1984


I had to post this. Been watching some of the CBC Archives on YouTube, I like spending time on YouTube occasionally.

Found this great video on the introduction of the Macintosh. A GUI computer!!

I remember doing all the text based commands to start up early generation computer games, word processing programs and all that. I had an old Tandy 1000 years back when I was a kid.

Here’s an introduction to the Macintosh, a GUI interface, a mouse…. easy as pie.



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