Microsoft takes direct swing at Google and Gmail with “Gmail Man” video


Saw this new ad this morning, where essentially Microsoft desires to help make the case for their Office 365 products by poking fun at their big competition.

Something that strikes me with this kind of advertising though, it resembles those political ads that I really dislike. You know, where one candidate really says nothing about he or she’s platform but instead tries to leave an impression in your mind that the opponent is either wicked, cruel, evil, idiotic….etc.

I’m wondering what, if any, will be Google’s response.

If you haven’t seen it. Here it is….

“Gmail Man”

Gmail automatically gives a second address


I seem to remember hearing about this but I just found it again this evening.

I use a account alot. I have multiple accounts forwarded into it and frankly, I’ve been using this account for a long time. And I love it.

I just found a scenario where I had my main email tied to an account (unrelated to google.. something else) I had created for a past client. I was trying to create a personal account and it was telling me the email was already used in the system.

Well, after thinking about how to create an alias or foward… I found out that gmail automatically has an “alias” account setup. Change for…. and voila.

2 email accounts that are one. This can be handy.

Google Chromebook is out and for sale


Google is now selling their new laptops (Google Chromebook) on Amazon and on Best Buy.

This new laptop really goes in a different direction as these laptops are designed to be heavily “cloud based” / “internet based” animals…

Just check out one of their promo videos to get a taste of it

It’s a great idea really… as most computers get bogged down with programs loading when they start up and many average users likely aren’t aware how to disable much of those programs… which does result in something quite similar to what is showed in the video.

Definitely a new concept in that this is a “web computer”.

What do you think?

I’d love to try one!

(That can be a hint to Google, if you fine folks want to send me one to play with and review)

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! team up on


Major search engines, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! have teamed up to help create some standards so webmasters can help better define the information contained on their website’s pages.

Lack of standards, it could be said, has been a problem for some time.

But this new site, supported by the major search engines, gives clear cut information on how to define data/text by adding simple HTML attributes to DIV and SPAN tags.

Definitely worth a look if you’re creating HTML5 sites.

You can find the website here:

Check out one of the examples…. A Person Schema

Does your cell phone or smart phone cause cancer?


Last few years I started hearing more and more about the effects of long term cell phone use. I remember being a bit surprised hearing about Cell phones being banned (or a movement to ban them) in some places for kids under a certain age. I remember reading 14 as an age limit. I certainly took a mental note.

I was surprised but at the same time, I think it’s quite reflective of what we (humans) tend to do with many “new” discoveries and technologies. We end up adopting measures or lifestyles, medications or methods without truly understand what it’s long term effect can be.

At the same time when something new comes along, how do you measure it’s long term effect?

There are no tests no known experiment to test or calculate something that has previously not existed.

The best method seems to be caution and balance.

But really, being cautious and balanced in respects to technology is somewhat becoming the opposite of where the global society is headed. I’m sure many would say it is the opposite.

Once thing that has been reported is that the use of a headset would reduce the risks by much. One thing is for certain, if you use a mobile phone on a regular basis it’s up to you to decide how you use it and what you do about the increasing amount of data on the possible harm that you’re being exposed to.

Recently, there have been many media outlets and sites reporting on the health issues which pertain to cell phone use. Here are a few:

Cell Phone Use May Reduce Male Fertility – RF Globalnet

Amid new health concerns, cell phone users are talking less – CNN

It’s official: your cell phone may cause cancer – ZDNet

How to set a delay in Javascript


Writing a simple delay is quite simple in Javascript.

I’m not a Javascript guru…. or any other type of guru. Often times while working on something I just come across a certain scenario that needs a tweek or a small problem to solve.

So while writing some code to create on inline editing (in a data grid for example) I had some JS functions that would load my form to replace the data, submit the form in the background (POST HTTP request…). Problem was when the data grid’s cell would reload it would actually reload the old data. The update was taking just a touch longer then the function that was requesting the row’s data.

Every thing was firing in the proper order. I just needed to delay the function that would reload the grid’s row.

At first I thought I could do something like this:

I figured the delay should work. But I believe, the delay function is better suited for animations… fades and such.
(Also, I am using jQuery)

So I set a timeout function to initiate the jQuery function which worked perfectly.
setTimeout(function() {$(“#divToReload”).load(reloadURL);},500);


How to Fix Skype crash (APPCRASH) in Windows 7


So today when I logged into the computer to start work I had a most unpleasant surprise.

That being that Skype was unable to start. I use Skype a whole bunch in my “day to day” work activities. It’s how I keep in contact with my current “work team”.

Looking into the details, the message was APPCRASH. I didn’t have much to go on and I cleaned off the computer as I thought it may have something….. which it did. Some spy-ware and malware. I believe it may have picked some up from some “Girls games” sites my daughter plays on from time to time.

Anyways, cleaning this thing off didn’t do anything.

Eventually, I found Aasim Naseem Siddiqui’s blog and the answer was there. There are directions for fixing this for Windows 7, Mac OSx, XP and Linux.

Thank you so much Aasim!

I will post the Windows 7 solution here.
Find and delete the shared.xml file in the Skype data folder located here:

Restart Skype and there you have it. Worked fine for me. Skype likely shouldn’t be running if you do this… but if you have this problem, Skype probably isn’t running anyways right???

Once again, Thanks to Aasim for posting this on his blog. And for the other OS fixes, please visit his blog:

Need form submission to break out of an iFrame?


I’m kind of posting this for my own memory.

From time to time I come across these situations where there is a simple answer but I simply have not done before or can’t remember.

So, here was the scenario:

I had an iFrame on a website that loaded some dynamic content and did some processing in the background (and yes, it had to be done this using, using 3rd party software API)…. this iFrame then presented a form with a couple of options.

What I found out after creating the form and functionality to handle the “stuff” in the iFrame was that the form submission and the next page load were being presented within the iFrame… which maybe I could do a little work around, but it wasn’t the best or cleanest way to accomplish what was desired.

So, after a little help from “my friend Google“, I found that it was nice and easy. I added an onclick attribute with my submit button… and voila it worked!

Here’s an example of what worked:

<input type=”submit” value=” Freedom! ” onclick=”’_top'” />

Currently playing with Pixlr API


Building an interface which will be used to allow for image manipulation and there are several great looking products out there.

Pixlr is one such service. It seems very advanced and feature rich. I’ve been playing with it’s API a little bit, just started actually, and am going to create a little model for this project.

I hadn’t looked at online image editing solutions for some time and I’m impressed with what I’ve found.

Pixlr FAQ

Internet, ISPs, profits and usefullness


I was just reading a petition on the “Net metering” issue that’s come about again. It’s certainly not the first time and likely won’t be the last, if mega corps are given the green light to meter and tier prices. Even the possibility to “tiering” the internet so that you may have to pay more to access other networks.

(Canadian petition can be found here)

To me it seems that the approach would almost undermine itself.

While I tend to understand some ISPs arguments that as more media passes through their pipes, thus possibly increasing the need to upgrade systems. I can’t seem to think this would trump the point of the very offering.

The thing that makes the internet so useful… and maybe truly useful at all is the fact that it’s open. You can access all types of information, see educational videos, entertaining videos, videos that will just waste your time! Heck… you even have blogs like this one to waste your time with!!! πŸ˜‰

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