What is “Hosted AdSense for Content”?


As so many people do, I have a Google Adsense account and recently I had made some changes adding some YouTube Monetization to it.

While looking in the Adsense account, which I do on occasion, I noticed a new line that I just didn’t recognize. “Hosted AdSense for Content”.

Turns out that this is actually the views from the YouTube videos. I just found it a little strange that it didn’t indicate YouTube or something similar as the source… but then again, maybe this is used for other types (or will be used) of digital media in future…. thus the “Hosted AdSense for Content” title.

Why are my youtube views not being counted?


I did a little research for someone this morning and it seems to be an all together common problem.

Here is a thread where someone from YouTube tries to explain the “problem”  or “bug” a wee bit.

There’s also an interesting reply found here:

Basically, it looks like somehow the number of views may get inflated and somewhere in their system, which I will assume is nowhere near simplistic, it begins calculating in a more refined way what is a view and what is not.

Say if you have a 3 minute video and someone glances at it for 10 seconds….. does that constitute a view or not?

I haven’t looked for information on YouTube’s counter freeze, but so far some of the information just seems a bit vague.

Here’s a page that “kind of” explains what constitutes a view.

That last article does also mention that they do identify irregular playbacks (spam) and that those numbers are removed from the count. What I suspect happens is that behind the scenes, the system subtracts those irregular playbacks but that it won’t subtract them from the visible counter on the video’s page.

That’s only what I suspect.

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