I came up against this question very recently.

You see, I had signed up for an apple ID quite a few years back and have been buying music from them since.

Lately, I had noticed I maxed my Apple ID to the 5 computers that an account has as it’s authorized limit. 3 of those computers had died long ago. So there were only 2 computers that were active.

I wondered how I could deauthorize the computers that were “long gone” and couldn’t be accessed.

Well, it turns out that it’s quite easy. You can deauthorize them 1 by 1…. if you still have access to them. Or, you can deauthorize your account on all computers!!

That’s right. It’s rather simple as I found out.

Go into the iTunes Store (not the Store menu but the “iTunes Store” to the left) and click to sign in or if you are logged in, click on your user id which is in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up your Account Information where you will see your Computer Authorizations with the Apple ID you’re logged in with.

If you choose “Deauthorize All”, it will wipe the Authorize settings for all computers associated with your Apple ID.

Then, to reset the computers that you want as authorized with your Apple ID, simply go into the Store menu to the top of iTunes and click on “Authorize this computer” and the computer will be set as authorized with your Apple ID.

Not hard at all. Glad I didn’t have to call support.