So today when I logged into the computer to start work I had a most unpleasant surprise.

That being that Skype was unable to start. I use Skype a whole bunch in my “day to day” work activities. It’s how I keep in contact with my current “work team”.

Looking into the details, the message was APPCRASH. I didn’t have much to go on and I cleaned off the computer as I thought it may have something….. which it did. Some spy-ware and malware. I believe it may have picked some up from some “Girls games” sites my daughter plays on from time to time.

Anyways, cleaning this thing off didn’t do anything.

Eventually, I found Aasim Naseem Siddiqui’s blog and the answer was there. There are directions for fixing this for Windows 7, Mac OSx, XP and Linux.

Thank you so much Aasim!

I will post the Windows 7 solution here.
Find and delete the shared.xml file in the Skype data folder located here:

Restart Skype and there you have it. Worked fine for me. Skype likely shouldn’t be running if you do this… but if you have this problem, Skype probably isn’t running anyways right???

Once again, Thanks to Aasim for posting this on his blog. And for the other OS fixes, please visit his blog: