I was just reading a petition on the “Net metering” issue that’s come about again. It’s certainly not the first time and likely won’t be the last, if mega corps are given the green light to meter and tier prices. Even the possibility to “tiering” the internet so that you may have to pay more to access other networks.

(Canadian petition can be found here)

To me it seems that the approach would almost undermine itself.

While I tend to understand some ISPs arguments that as more media passes through their pipes, thus possibly increasing the need to upgrade systems. I can’t seem to think this would trump the point of the very offering.

The thing that makes the internet so useful… and maybe truly useful at all is the fact that it’s open. You can access all types of information, see educational videos, entertaining videos, videos that will just waste your time! Heck… you even have blogs like this one to waste your time with!!! 😉

An incredible research tool. And this open internet is one that many a big business has been built on. Think …. Google. Facebook. hm….

For me, the thought of being charged extras, either in higher packages or some kind of punitive charge if I go over my quota as mobile phone providers do….. this thought really turns me off of it’s utility. It’s usefulness.

I can’t help but to think back to the RIAA and the recording industries battling against digital media. To fight progress instead of finding a new way to sell it….. seemed, then, to be completely counter what they should have done. Here was a new market opening up.

With ISPs, I think that maybe they would be best served to spend some of the money they do on the legalities on research on how to capitalize in other ways. People are going to use the internet in some way. Businesses are also going to be…. and to cut it’s access up renders it much less useful in it’s entirety…. both to individuals and businesses.

What I think ISPs should focus on?

Innovate. Don’t hate.