I was kind of taken by surprise, well, not kind off… I was really taken by surprise.

I found myself being told that I had to be let go by my employer. Now I want to be clear, I have absolutely no “ill will” for my employer. I love and respect them very much.

It was a case of numbers and you folks who’ve been self-employed or run businesses know that if the numbers don’t match up, then things can’t continue the way they’re going…. something has to change.

So just before Christmas I found myself without work. Thankfully I had my daughter’s Christmas gifts bought and paid for.

It’s interesting to me that I ended 2009 in certain similarities work wise.

So as I sit here I’ve considered many things since yesterday. I may throw myself into studying some Java and possibly some .NET stuff as I’ve seen work in these areas locally.

But ultimately, I’d love to find a place to work where I could use my experience with ColdFusion and/or PHP development. Even saying that though, I firmly believe picking up new skills is essential. So I realize I will be spending some time in some kind of study.

May try and find an open source project to contribute to, or start something myself.
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