That’s the error message I get EVERY time I log into one of my accounts. This isn’t my @cfyves account which I use to talk a little tech on occasion.

What is a little weird is that it seems to be my main feed. For instance, I can use HootSuite or something similar on a mobile device and my lists or subscribed lists come in fine. But my main feed always gives an error.

Using the Twitter website, I’m always seeing the dandy #FailWhale.

Twitter's #FailWhale

Something that I seem to be able to do is after I see the #FailWhale, I can find my profile settings and change them.

And something else that seems to have happened is that while in the profile settings, Twitter’s layout is back to the “classic” (or old) interface.

The #NewTwitter is gone. I know this seems to be a bug that popped up for some other accounts.

Today I did find a description of this very same bug I’m experience on the twitter support site. Some of the people leaving messages on that page are describing very much the same as I’m experiencing.

Some others have been experiencing this bug for several days. For me, it’s been since October 17th on this particular account.

I’m hopeful that at some point my account will be back to normal. I’ve used this account for a couple of years and it pains me a bit to think about starting over.

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