Recently I’ve had my nose in WordPress alot. Kind of gotten to be quite fond of it actually.

Was putting a site together that required something a little more special then your usual blog. This was to become more of a CMS then a blog.

Pages, sub pages, blog section, news section….etc.

Multiple user accounts that needed to access only certain pages and sub pages…. and also some users that would post news, some to blog categories and/or blog sub categories.

After a bit of research I found Role Scoper.

It seemed to be quite easy to understand, reading through the plugin’s options (after installation), so I setup some users and got the site’s structure together.

All seemed well logging in as one of those users… but, I’d get a blank screen, or the form to edit or add a post would simply not be there….

After trying everything I thought of and following the plugin’s docs I decided it was time to put forth a question to the author’s forum. I should mention I had also read through some other forum threads but didn’t quite find anything.

My question was answered quite rapidly. The suggestion was bang on….. something I had thought of but I had made an error in it’s fixing.

WordPress’s memory usage was maxing out. After revising my .htaccess I found the error of my ways.

The Role Scoper plugin seems like a great plugin for WordPress for anyone needing more advanced user administration.

Very big thanks to Kevin (plugin’s author) for the quick response!

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