Google has certainly come out with lots of technology that has changed “the game” when it comes to technology. I remember when I first started using GMail way back. They were offering a ton more storage then the 20MB or so that Hotmail once offered… and the 100 MB Yahoo once offered.

Google Apps, Android… they’re purchase and support of YouTube (with the prior Google Video) you name it… They’ve been working hard to push innovation.

Lately, there’s some talk about a new image format that is about equivalent to the JPEG format but is about 40% smaller then JPEG files.

This is huge.

There would certainly be a great challenge to be had in rolling out a new format as the JPEG is used to widely and is a standard image file type. But a change like this would benefit many. ISPs would have an instantaneous increase in performance in their current infrastructure, the entire web browsing population would have a faster internet…. some software vendors, the manufacturers of mobile devices, cameras etc. They would have most of the burden in adopting such a change.

Interesting article here on Mashable.