I did a little research for someone this morning and it seems to be an all together common problem.

Here is a thread where someone from YouTube tries to explain the “problem”  or “bug” a wee bit.

There’s also an interesting reply found here:

Basically, it looks like somehow the number of views may get inflated and somewhere in their system, which I will assume is nowhere near simplistic, it begins calculating in a more refined way what is a view and what is not.

Say if you have a 3 minute video and someone glances at it for 10 seconds….. does that constitute a view or not?

I haven’t looked for information on YouTube’s counter freeze, but so far some of the information just seems a bit vague.

Here’s a page that “kind of” explains what constitutes a view.

That last article does also mention that they do identify irregular playbacks (spam) and that those numbers are removed from the count. What I suspect happens is that behind the scenes, the system subtracts those irregular playbacks but that it won’t subtract them from the visible counter on the video’s page.

That’s only what I suspect.

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