Google’s App Engine is something I’ve been wanting to explore for some time and due to generally being busy with other things I’ve never gotten around to it.

Actually, I very very briefly played around with examples very early on but never really tried to develop or actually run anything on Google App Engine.

But in the last year or 2 (time flies!!), since the App Engine began supporting Java possibilities opened up naturally some people in the CF community started exploring the idea of running a CFML engine on GAE.

One of the first people to do so that I found and followed was Vince Bonfanti. Here’s a live view of OpenBD running on GAE.

This is one of my little projects for 2010 and I’m just trying to open up enough time to play around with this. I really like the idea of playing around with Google App Engine…. running CFML. So I’ll likely explore running OpenBD on GAE.

I’ve been knee deep in PHP the last few months and am looking forward to doing something in CF again… even if it’s just a personal project.

I’ll try and document what I find as I go. But the first step is just gonna be a bit of reading and research…. and setting up my account. I’ve found some writing on this, like Dan Switzer’s blog article…..

Got some reading to do.

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