This might seem funny, as I’ve been working with web technologies for about 9 years or so.

But today I think I got one of my first requests to set up a favicon onto a URL.

I gotta say that the entire time I’ve been working in technology, I’ve learned many things on the fly and I’ve gotten quite used to it. While something might take a while to learn depending on what it is (like say Java or C# or something), when it comes to small things we’ve got incredible resources.

And I don’t mean this to be a direct plug to Google…. but over the years they have been my index to this encyclopedia that is the internet. I’ve learned so many things just by using a search engine. Finding great forums, great standards sites…..etc.

So, when I asked Google about a Favicon? Well, the search giant made no mistake.

Easy to find….. easy to do.
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